Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp

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About Course

The course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to get a job as a data scientist – which requires a mix of software engineering, statistical knowledge, good communication skills and the ability to apply these skills in new and challenging domains.


Over 12 intensive weeks you’ll learn how to gather data, apply statistical analysis to answer business questions, and to make your data insights actionable. Our training ensures not only job readiness for today’s competitive market, but the aptitude and skills to keep learning, stay relevant in the industry in the years to come and realise your potential using data and the next-generation data technologies.

After successful completion of this bootcamp Data Whizz Academy will connect you with our partner companies for employment opportunities so that you can start applying these acquired skills on live projects. 

How will I learn

In 12-week intensive course you will learn practical skills that integrates rich, interactive media such as videos, screenshots and infographics, as well as traditional study notes. Learning will be collaborative through discussion forums, quizzes, assignments and through portfolio of projects.

Bootcamp Key Facts
  • Next Course Start Date: Saturday, 20th July 2024
  • Course Duration: 12 Weeks (12 hrs per week)
  • Timings: Part-Time (Tuesday & Thursday – 5pm to 9pm, Saturday – 9am to 1pm)
  • Mode of Delivery: Blended learning – Combination of online & classroom based
  • Course Contents & Practical Work: 240 Hours
  • Class size: Short class sizes (maximum 15)
  • Tutors: Industry experienced trainers
  • Course Material: Prepared with inputs from top employers
  • Placement: On successful completion of the course Data Whizz Academy will help to connect participants with partner companies for permanent employment
  • Employment rate: 95% success rate in finding jobs within 6 months of training
    Tuition & Financing
    • Normal Price: £6,500 (if discounted, full payment upfront)
    • Payment Plan 1: Upfront full Payment (10% discount) – amount paid = £5,850
    • Payment Plan 2: Upfront payment – £2,000 followed by 4 equal £1,125 monthly payments
    • Payment Plan 3: Upfront payment of £1,500 followed by 24 monthly payments of £270 (monthly payments start 6 months after the start of the course). Guarantor is required for this payment plan.
    What do I get in return
    • Technical training in data science
    • Learn to tell stories with data
    • Employability skills – CV preparation, mock interviews and mentoring
    • Connectivity with employers to find employment

    Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of competence. The learnings serve as a powerful credential in supporting your career capabilities.

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    What Will You Learn?

    • Data Science Fundamentals
    • Structured Query Language (SQL)
    • Data wrangling with python
    • Essential statistics for data science
    • Machine Learning & Advance Analytics
    • Data exploration with Tableau
    • Storytelling with data
    • 2 capstone projects
    • Employability skills – CV preparation, mock interviews and mentoring

    Material Includes

    • All material necessary for the successful completion of this course.


    • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree
    • Have some previous experience of data analytics
    • Eligible to work in the UK
    • Be flexible to work anywhere in the UK


    • Anyone interested in upskilling or entering data science profession
    • Anyone who has the willingness and enthusiasm to learn new skills
    • People from under-representative groups in technology, e.g. Females, BME & people with learning difficulties
    • Army veterans
    • Employers interested in upskilling their employees in data science

    Course Content

    Module 1 – Data Science Fundamentals
    What is Data Science and Why it matters? Consider some use cases where data science is effectively being used or potentially could be used to solve real-life problems.

    Module 2 – Essential Statistics for Data Science
    Learn about the fundamentals of probability theory and principles such as combinations and permutations. Explore statistical distribution, creating samples when distributions are known and running AB testing. This includes: • Combinatorics • Probability Theory • Statistical Distributions • Bayes Theorem • Sampling Methods • AB Testing • Linear Regression • Model Evaluation

    Module 3 – Organising data with SQL & NoSQL
    Use SQL to conduct advanced data querying, cleaning, and aggregation. • Foundations of Databases and SQL • Combining Data in SQL • Cleaning Data and Creating Multiple JOINs in SQL • Using Logic in SQL • Subqueries • Applying SQL Functions

    Module 4 – Data wrangling & exploration with python
    Discover the essential data science tools, techniques, approaches and familiarise with introductory programming concepts of SQL and Python. This includes: • Variables • Booleans and Conditionals • Lists • Dictionaries • Looping • Functions • Data Structures • Data Cleaning • Pandas • NumPy • Matplotlib/ Seaborn for Data Visualization • Git/Github • SQL • Accessing Data Through APIs • Web Scraping

    Module 5 – Data exploration with Tableau
    Leverage this technology to visualise and map data, and connect data across Excel, SQL, and other connectors. • Fundamentals of the visualisation tool • Visualisation and Text Manipulation • Using data connectors • Calculations and Analysis • Dashboard and Story boards

    Module 6 – Machine Learning & Advance Analytics
    Explore machine learning and supervised learning techniques to find the best solution for a variety of business problems, including classification and regression. This includes: • Linear Algebra • Logistic regression • Maximum Likelihood Estimation • Optimization Cost Function • Pipeline Building • Hyperparameter Tuning • Grid Search • Scikit-Learn • Gradient Descent • K Nearest Neighbors • Decision Trees • Ensemble method

    Module 7 – Data Science Applications
    Learn and implement core machine learning models to evaluate complex business problems. This includes: • Dimensionality reduction • Clustering • Time series analysis • Neural Networks • Big Data • Natural language processing • Text Vectorization • Natural Language Toolkit • Regular Expressions • Word2Vec • Text Classification • Recommendation System

    Module 8 – Storytelling with data
    Learn the art of communicating data insights to technical and non-technical personnel plus story telling with data. • Confident with your analysis • Embracing ambiguity • Cognitive empathy • Scepticism • Curiosity • Managing both up and down • Being an effective data translator • Diplomacy • Persuasion

    Module 9 – Capstone Projects
    Work on individual large-scale data science and machine learning project. This final project provides an in-depth opportunity for you to demonstrate your learning accomplishments and get a feel for what is working on a large-scale data science project is really like. The outcomes of this will be presented to the board.

    Earn a certificate

    Add this certificate to your resume to demonstrate your skills & increase your chances of getting noticed.

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      Original price was: £6,500.00.Current price is: £4,875.00.
    • Course Level Intermediate
    • Duration
      240 hours
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    £4,875.00 £6,500.00

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