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Join our Data Analytics Bootcamp to become a data-savvy professional in the digital age. This immersive course offers hands-on experience with real-world datasets, teaching you to analyse, interpret, and leverage data with expertise. Learn cutting-edge tools and techniques in expert-led sessions, enhancing your career, pivoting to a data role, or boosting your analytical skills.

Our bootcamp fosters a dynamic environment for growth, innovation, and collaboration.

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Live Classes from London
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Why acquire Data Analytic skills?

Data analytics skills are crucial in today’s digital era, transcending traditional job roles and industries. With IBM projecting over 700,000 new data-driven job openings by 2024. Mastering data analytics is not just a career boost but a necessity in a data-centric world. This field is rapidly expanding, with LinkedIn reporting a 35% annual growth in data science and analytics roles. <b<b>

Learning to interpret and utilise data effectively arms you with the power to make strategic decisions and thrive in various sectors. Embrace these skills to navigate the complexities of big data and unlock new career opportunities.

What you'll learn

Module 1 – Data Analytics for Business

What is data analytics and why it matters? Opportunities & challenges. Consider distinct analytical techniques and use cases to solve real-life business problems. This module lays the groundwork for your data analytics journey, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive business success.

Module 2 – Advanced Excel

Practice using Excel to conduct data cleaning, aggregation, analysis, and visualization.

Module 3 – Essential statistics for data analytics

Learn about the fundamentals of probability theory and principles, such as combinations and permutations. Explore statistical distribution, creating samples when distributions are known and running AB testing.

Module 4 – Python fundamentals

Develop your understanding of Python syntax, structure, programming concepts, Python Ecosystem, Pandas, Accessing Data through APIs & Web Scraping.

Module 5 – Data exploration with Tableau

Leverage this technology to visualise and map data, and connect data across Excel, SQL, and other connectors as well as creating dashboards.

Module 6 – Query and organising data with SQL

Use SQL to conduct advanced data querying, cleaning, and aggregation. Learn creating Multiple JOINs and Logic in SQL & Subqueries.

Module 7 – Data exploration with Python

Learn to join, manipulate and summarise datasets using Pandas, visualise data on a variety of chart types with Seaborn, and understand which chart types are most appropriate for a given dataset.

Module 8 – Data Storytelling

Learn the art of communicating data insights to technical and non-technical personnel plus story telling with data. Be confident with your analysis and be an effective data translator.

Module 9 – 2 Capstone Projects

Work on individual case study data analytics projects incorporating all the learnings in this course. These two final projects provide an in-depth opportunity for you to demonstrate your learning accomplishments and get a feel for what working on a large-scale data analytics project is really like. The outcomes of this will be presented to the board.

Next batch starting from: 30 April 2024

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A Data Analytics Bootcamp is an intensive training program designed to equip participants with essential skills in data analytics. It focuses on practical, real-world applications, typically over a short, concentrated time frame.

This bootcamp is suitable for individuals looking to break into the field of data analytics, professionals aiming to upskill, and anyone interested in harnessing data for better decision-making in various domains.

A basic understanding of mathematics and proficiency in using computers is recommended. Prior experience in programming or data analysis can be helpful but is not mandatory.

You will need Photoshop preferably version CS6 and newer.

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What students are saying

DWA provided fantastic training with unparalleled support throughout the duration of my course. The focus was to develop hard as well as soft skills. Thanks to their mentorship and network I am now working as a Data Analyst for one of the biggest clothing retailers in the UK.
Retail Data Analyst
Excellent training and long-term career prospects. I highly recommend DWA to those looking for a rewarding training experience. Thanks to their mentorship, I regained my confidence, enabling me to workin as a data analyst in the education sector after a 10 year career break.
Data Analyst
Data Whizz Academy helped me to find the right course and provided practical assistance throughout the training. Their mentoring programme is excellent. The training was hands-on and delivered by industry experts. This has opened several new career opportunities for me.
Social Media Analyst

Batch starting from: 30 April, 2024

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